To get the ultimate SoulPod collection, you need to perform 3 actions.


Provide computational energy through $Roar to fuel the memory reconstruction of the forgotten faces.
It becomes more energy-intensive as the process progresses.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Hit the 'RECONSTRUCT' buttons on your Lost Souls or Families page
Level 0 > 1: 120 $Roar
Level 1 > 2: 240 $Roar
Level 2 > 3: 360 $Roar
1 level reconstruction takes 1 week


Try to guess which SoulPod Family your Ones belong to.
Clues might be revealed as the Ones are reconstructed.

Hit the 'MATCH' buttons on your Lost Souls page
30 $Roar / attempt
24h between each attempt


Gather SoulPods, Mosses and Ones belonging to the same family to activate the animated version of the Ones.

  • You may need to trade with others holders to reunite your families. Use the SoulMates page to see who owns items from the same families than you.
  • Make sure a One is in the same Algorand wallet as both its matching SoulPod and Moss.
  • A One can be reunited at any reconstruction level
  • Once reunited, a One stay animated even if it leaves its family wallet.
  • Reunite status is checked twice a day. Make sure to leave the required asset in the same wallet for 12h.

Roar Token

Roar token

$ROAR is the utility token for LionsWrinkle NFTs holders.

AssetId: 917962457


Make sure to optin for 917962457!
SoulPod > 8
Moss > 8
One > 6
AlgoMeteo > 11
CoffeeBits Original > 6
CoffeeBits Bath Club > 6


The only aim of the $ROAR token is to provide fun utility. It has no monetary value and can be frozen and clawed back. It must not be listed on exchange neither participate in Liquidity Pools. If so, these will be clawed back.


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